Thursday, July 14, 2011

PS4 or XBOX 720?

Industry sources tell Kotaku that Microsoft and Sony are planning on issuing a new console generation only in 2014.

A few days ago a rumor that circulated stated that Nintendo is planning on announcing a new games console that will be the heir to the Wii and will be released in 2012. Now, industry sources claim that Sony and Microsoft are not planning on joining Nintendo any time soon.
Different sources told Kotaku that the fourth generation f the PlayStation and the third generation of the Xbox will not arrive on the market before 2014 – and that the companies are planning on “squeezing” everything they can from their current consoles.
“Both Microsoft and Sony are signaling each other that they’re delaying the next consoles in order to milk the current generation”, said one of the sources to Kotaku. Other sources claim they also understood that companies are not planning on launching new console until 2014, but it is possible that they’ll expedite it to 2013 if they feel pressured.

The launch of the new controllers, the Move for the PS3 and the Kinect to the Xbox 360 suggests that the two companies do have plans to continue and support their current consoles in the foreseeable future – because if they were going to release new consoles anytime soon they would have launched the new controllers along with them.
However, if Nintendo does launch a new console in 2012 and if the console is more powerful than the PS3 and the Xbox 360 – both companies may need to expedite the next consoles: the two current consoles include outdated hardware, and a lot of gamers are becoming impatient along with different developers who claim that the outdated consoles limit development of games.
If 2014 is indeed the year in which we’ll see the next generations of the consoles, it will make the current console generation to the longest generation in the history of game consoles. Normally such a “generation” lasts between five to seven years but it is now expected to last between 8-9 years.
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